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Passover Dinner Table

Passover Dinner Table

The Jewish Discovery Center offers its popular kosher-for-Passover take-home meals that are fresh, delicious and convenient! Order the dishes you want for the seder or any meal and enjoy a stress-free holiday with your family and friends!
Order by Tuesday, April 12.
Pick up: Tuesday, April 19, at the Jewish Discovery Center, 216 Miller Road, Waverly
Early bird discount 10% off orders received on or before March 29th.
For more information call 570-587-3300 or e-mail chany@jewishNEPA.com
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Gefilte Fish Loaf (Serves 8-10) $10.50
Enjoy this traditional dish at your seder together with beets and horseradish

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Cucumber Salad (1 lb.) $6.99
Marinated sliced cucumbers and white onion with fresh-squeezed lemon

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Caribbean Carrot Salad (1 lb.) $6.99
With chunks of fresh sweet pineapple


Fruity Beet Salad (1 lb.) $7.99
Cubed beets with peaches, pears and red onion

icon sweet potato.jpg

Potato Kugel (Serves 6) $15.99
Old-fashioned potato kugel, creamy inside and crispy outside... yum!

vege kugel.jpg

California Vegetable Kugel (Serves 6) $15.99
A prism of beautiful colors; broccoli, cauliflower and carrots baked to perfection

vege kugel.jpg

Strawberry/Apple Kugel (Serves 9) $17.99
Diced Granny Smith apples with strawberries topped with a crispy nut crunch

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Sweet Potato Pie (Serves 9) $17.99
With a crunchy pecan topping - sweet and delicious!

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Butternut Squash Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Smooth and delicious... rich deep color and a sweet and spicy flavor

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Chicken/Vegetable Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Loaded with vegetables and chunks of white breast-meat cut into bite-size pieces

icon chick soup.jpg Creamy Zucchini Soup (2 lb.) $12.99
Fresh-ripened zucchinis blended with savory spices
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Breaded Chicken Quarters (Serves 4) $16.99
Coated in a specially seasoned Kosher for Passover "breading" Ready to Bake

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Breaded Chicken Fillets (Serves 4) $21.99
Boneless/skinless tender breast fillets with Passover "breading" Ready to Bake/Fry

icon stuffed chicken.jpg Stuffed Chicken Breast (Serves 4) $22.99
Filled with a savory stuffing, coated with a passover "breading" Ready to Bake
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Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs (Serves 5-6) $17.99
In flavorful tomato and cranberry sauce - always a hit!


 Balsamic-Braised 1st Cut Brisket $18.99 per pound
Irresistible sweet and tangy brisket - sure to be the talk of dinner!
Small: approx 2-3 pounds; medium approx 4-5 pounds. Sliced and ready-to-serve!

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Moussaka (Serves 6) $24.99
Rolled eggplant stuffed with savory ground-beef smothered in homemade tomato sauce!

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Joyvin Red Wine (750 ml) $11.99
Semi sweet, slightly effervescent, deliciously flavorful with citrus and melon flavors. (Alcohol 6%)

icon joyvin white.jpg Joyvin White Wine (750 ml) $11.99
Semi sweet, slightly effervescent, deliciously flavorful with citrus and melon flavors. (Alcohol 6%)
icon farbrengen.jpg "Farbrengen" Melody Natural (750 ml) $7.99
A delicious naturally sweet, low alcohol, red table wine. A great choice for the four cups of wine! (Alcohol 4%)

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