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Rosh Hashanah Services 5780
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No prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy the services to the full; prayers are in Hebrew and English.
All are welcome regardless of background or financial ability, no membership or tickets required.

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apple icon.jpg Rosh Hashanah Eve

 Sunday, September 6th, 2021


(Community Dinner)

Description: Enter the Days of Awe in style with strikingly soulful melodies shared by a communal voice.
Sip in words of inspiration and leave in a state of utter awe. 

Recommendation: If you were looking for the place to be when the New Year begins, this is it! 

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pray icon.jpg Rosh Hashanah Day

Tues, September 7th & Wed September 8th 


Description: Start your day in inner contemplation, gently peppered with the inspiring words of King David's psalms, all delicately wrapped around the Hear O Israel Shema meditation. Continue with a course of Total Awe for the Silent Prayer

Recommendation: Use this time for reflection and contemplation.
Don't miss saying the "Shemah" prayer "Hear O Israel" with the community.

torah icon.jpg  Torah-Reading, Sermon & Shofar


Description: Themes of divine intervention generously garnished with human drama as Sarah gives birth to Isaac at the age of ninety. Second Day: The gripping narrative of the near death of Isaac.

  Recommendation: Stories, anecdotes and one-liners serve as a platter to words of inspiration in a short but exciting sermon. Whatever you do, you don’t want to miss the Shofar blowing. It is the highlight of the Holiday and the main Mitzvah of the day!

  shofar icon.jpg Mussaf and Buffet Lunch


  Description: The Shofar takes central stage as verses or royalty and remembrance punctuated with neatly ordered shofar soundings culminate in select passages mentioning the shofar. Followed by a royal luncheon.

Recommendation:  It's worth to stick around, if just for lunch and good company!

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