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Yom Kippur Services
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No prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy the services to the full; prayers are in Hebrew and English.
All are welcome regardless of background or financial ability, no membership or tickets required.

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Evening Service - Kol Nidrei

Wednesday, Sep 15th

Candle-Lighting 6:54 PM - Kol Nidrei 7:00 PM

  Description: Amidst a haunting, soul-stirring melody, the Gates of Return are opened, beckoning every soul to enter. As the evening service begins, our souls continue to rise in heavenly ecstasy culminating in joyous melodies and tearful reflection.

Recommendation: A superb entry into the awesomeness of the day.

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Morning Service

Thursday, Sep 16th

9:30 AM

Description: Perk yourself up with the soaring words of King David’s Psalms, spirally ascending to a clamorous Hear O Israel followed by a dip into the Amidah—a quiet, contemplative prayer filled with Yom Kippur themes.

  Recommendation: Use this time for reflection and contemplation. Read whatever works for you from the prayer book, but don't miss saying Hear O Israel with the community. Do this right and you won’t even notice the missed coffee!

torah icon.jpg Torah-Reading, Sermon & Yizkor

11:00 AM-12:45 PM

Description:  Relive the seminal temple service as read from an ancient Hebrew scroll, followed by soul-satisfying sermon from the Rabbi. Then connect with the souls of your departed loved ones during the Yizkor’s memorial prayer.

Recommendation:  The superb mix of prayer, Torah reading and inspiring words makes this service a Yom Kippur must!


Mussaf Service


Description: This quintessential Yom Kippur service involves total immersion into the mystical world of the ancient temple service, plus the heart-rending saga of the martyrdom of ten of our greatest sages.

Recommendation: If you're not familiar with the prayers, the English makes for good reading.

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Mincha Service

5:30 PM

Description: Join Jonah as he works himself out of the belly of a big fish,
sharing his lesson in self-rehab.

Recommendation: A lot better than agonizing at home.


Neilah Closing Prayer

6:45 PM 

Description: The grand finalé of the highest day of the year soars to its apex as we join our voices in tumultuous rapture proclaiming our commitment to the oneness of G‑d and all His creation. A ram’s horn is blown to declare the end of the fast.

Recommendation: Use the energy of Yom Kippur as a catalyst for a good year ahead! 

Maariv / Break Fast

7:51 PM 

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