Community Gift Marks "Chai" Anniversary


This summer, as the Jewish Discovery Center marks eighteen years of service, a project was launched to gift a new chumash to hundreds of households in the Scranton/Abington area.

Underwritten in part by private donations, student rabbis will be visiting homes and offices across the region meeting Jewish families, couples and individuals, gifting each home with this special chumashkehot chumash.jpg

The chumash project was inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s campaign to promote Torah-study and to keep Jewish books in the home. According to Judaism, the real center of Judaism is not the Synagogue – but the home, and the source of Jewish wisdom is the Torah. 

This acclaimed edition features a revolutionary interpolated translation that weaves the oral explanation into the English text itself. Instead of requiring the reader to research Torah commentaries to better understand a specific verse, this new translation renders the Torah text itself intelligible to the reader, forming a smooth and easy reading body, accessible even to the beginner.

Having this beautiful treasure in Jewish homes all across the community will raise the level of Jewish study, encouraging people of all ages to seek a deeper understanding of Torah and its timeless message.

To sponsor a chumash, visit To add a name and address for a chumash gift email or call 570-587-3300.