Rosh Hashanah Takeout Meals 2023

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Kashrus certified by Chabad of the Abingtons - Glatt Kosher/Pas Yisrael/Chassidshe Shechita
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Gefilte Fish Loaf (Serves 8-10) $16.99
Enjoy this traditional dish with beets & horseradish, or a savory dip

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icon sweet potato.jpg "Bubby's Tzimmis" (2 lb pan - Serves 6-8) $21.99
Sweet carrots, apricots, cherries & golden raisins - just like grandma!  (Vegan)
icon sweet potato.jpg Sweet Noodle Kugel  (2 lb. pan - serves 6-8) $18.99
Egg-noodles with apples, cinnamon & sugar (9x13 available)
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Potato Kugel (2 lb. pan - serves 6-8) $18.99
Classic recipe, creamy inside & crispy outside! (Gluten-free / 9x13 available) 

icon sweet potato.jpg Cranberry Crumble (2 lb. pan - serves 6-8) $17.99
Enjoy this delicious side dish during the meal or for dessert! (9x13 available)
icon sweet potato.jpg Sweet Potato Pie (9" round pan - serves 8-10) $25.99
Whipped sweet potato with brown sugar & secret spices. Sweet & creamy!

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Babaganoush 1 lb. container $11.99

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Healthy Hummus 1 lb. container $11.99

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Honey-Scallion Dip 1 lb. container $11.99
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Matzah-Ball Soup + 4 Matzah-Balls (2 lb.) $22.99
12-hour simmer chicken broth with large fluffy matzah balls. Classic!

icon chick soup.jpg Butternut Squash Soup (2 lb.) $14.99
Smooth and delicious... sweet and savory! (Gluten-free, vegan)
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Panko-Fried Chicken Fillets (Serves 4-6) $34.99
Breaded chicken breast fillet fried to perfection 

icon q chicken.jpg Honey-Za'atar Chicken (9x13 pan - Serves 6-8) $46.99
Middle-Eastern bone-in chicken with za'atar & dried fruit (Gluten-free)
icon q chicken.jpg Chicken Pargiot in Silan (Serves 4-6) $37.99
Grilled leg fillets in a date honey marinade (Gluten-free / 9x13 available)
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Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs (9" round pan - serves 4-6) $31.99
In flavorful tomato and cranberry sauce - always a hit!

web shabbat dinner done mini icon #2.jpg "Famous" Stuffed Cabbage (2 lb. pan - serves 4) $31.99 
With beef, rice & herbs, in a heavenly sauce!  (Gluten-Free - 9x13 available)
web shabbat dinner done mini icon #2.jpg Sweet n' Sour Brisket: 2 lb. pan $49.99 | 9x13 $99.99
In a delicious marinade, sliced & ready to serve!  (Gluten-Free)
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icon farbrengen.jpg Round Challah (20 oz.) $10.99
Traditional round loaf .. for your high holiday table
icon farbrengen.jpg Round Challah with Raisins (20 oz.) $12.99
Traditional round loaf... with added sweetness
icon farbrengen.jpg Honey Cake Loaf $14.99
icon farbrengen.jpg Apple Strudel Loaf $13.99

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