Fall series begins October 17, 11:00am, at the Jewish Discovery Center

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PART 1 The Forbidden Fruit (10/17)
The Book of Genesis famously recounts how Adam and Eve disobeyed G‑d’s command by eating from the “Tree of Knowledge.” What exactly was the forbidden fruit?
  PART 4 (11/14)
PART 2 Squaring the Tablets (10/24)
Moses descended from Mount Sinai bearing two tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments engraved on them. They are widely depicted as rectangular with rounded tops, but are these depictions accurate?
  PART 5 (11/21)
PART 3 Tooting the Biblical Horn (10/31)
"Where are your horns?” The history of this myth is more complicated than plain old antisemitism. An innocent misunderstanding of a Torah passage seems to have played a role in the origins of this nonsense.
  PART 6 (11/28)